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These gorgeous indoor plants come in a range of colours and will flower through the cooler months. They are a perennial plant and will flower annually when conditions are right. Here are my top tips for caring for cyclamens:

  • the prefer a temperature of less than 22 C during the day and will tolerate down to 6 C at night. So pop them outside overnight if your winter is not too cold. Whilst indoors, they like a cool position with filtered light.
  • very sensitive to water and likes a well drained soil. Ensure that the pot has drainage holes. If it sits in a decorated ceramic pot, take it out after watering for 30 minutes to ensure that it is adequately drained. Do not water the leaves, rather use a thin watering nozzle to directly wet the potting medium.
  • apply a 50% strength liquid fertiliser every 2 months during the flowering season.
  • encourage flowering by dead heading the spent blooms. This can be done by removing the dead flower stem back to the base of the plant.
  • when the plant becomes dormant, stop watering it and the foliage will die off. This is usually for 2 months. Over this period just give it a little water every 2 - 3 weeks. When the new leaves emerge, soak the pot for an hour. Then start fertilising and regular watering.

When in season, you can purchase a potted cyclamen here.

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