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Here are my top tips to save money on your wedding flowers:

Tip no.1 - Work out what your flower budget spend is.

It may sound obvious, but a lot of couples have no idea how much they have to spend. Do the calculation for your total wedding budget and allocate a portion of it to your flowers. Remember your wedding flowers are going to be in the majority of the big shots.

Tip no. 2 - What elements of your wedding day are most important to you?

Once you have determined how much your budget is, then you need to allocate it. Do you want to focus on an amazing ceremony space, 'first look' setup or does the idea of a fully decked out reception area with a beautiful bridal table and guest table centrepieces work for you? Can you afford both? If not, what are your "must haves"?

Did you know that American bridesmaids have much smaller bouquets than Australians? A smaller bouquet means a smaller price tag. 

Tip no. 3 - Can the Ceremony florals be repurposed for the reception?

Work with your florist on what arrangements can be moved to the reception. As a very simple example, your Signing Table Flowers can become your Wishing Well Flowers. Or portions of your Ceremony Arch can be repurposed into say, Fireplace Flowers (if the venue has a fireplace). Depending on the design, larger Aisle End ceremony arrangements can be repurposed as arrangements positioned around or in front of the Bridal Table. Just remember you will still need to allocate some budget towards the florist's staff labour charges. 

Tip no. 4 - Wedding Flower Packages are worth considering.

Everyone likes a bargain, right! Wedding flower packages will generally mean that you get something for free, or at the very least, at a reduced price. I have an affordable a la carte menu package here. I am able to offer affordable prices based on the principle that I choose all of the flowers and foliage. This will be based on your colour palette. That way I can get the freshest and best quality stock from my trusted growers and suppliers.

Tip no. 5 - DIY some of your wedding florals.

Certainly a scary thought, but achievable with a bit of help. Leave the Bridal Party Florals to the experts and get a team together to make the reception table centres. One of my brides bought the flower bunches from me so that the flowers matched her bridal party (and she avoided a visit to the hectic Sydney Flower Markets). She then had a day of making jars and bud vases of flowers with her womenfolk. Simple but effective option and fun too.

Finally I came across this article from Martha Stewart - 50 Must Know Money Saving Wedding Tips. Plenty of gems across your whole wedding to consider.

I hope these tips help you to save a few dollars. Let me know below how you go!

Kindest, Catherine x


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