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There's nothing quite like a fireplace in a room to give you that cozy, you're so welcome feeling. Here in Australia, since we are not a cold climate country, fireplaces are more often just used for decoration. I get really excited to bring a fireplace to life with florals and can decorate them with flowers that have been repurposed from the ceremony. Here are some images from my wedding work.

I find the asymmetrical design works best. For further inspiration, I have pasted the link to my Pinterest Board for Fireplaces.

Let me know of any great fireplaces you have come across.

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My Flowers at Haberfield online store has changed its name to Gathered Floral. This is just a name change, and not a change in ownership. Thank you for all your support in 2020 - it has been a huge year and I'm very grateful.

I am currently closed for a break, reopening Wednesday 27th January.

Best, Catherine x