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No.1 - Let your florist choose the flowers.

Yes, you will lose control over the blooms, but your florist is a specialist in knowing where to find the most beautiful and lush seasonal stock. He / she is generally at the flower market at 5am chatting to all of the growers and wholesalers and knows where the good stuff is, not to mention the best value and freshest stock. I can't stress enough, but this is the key to getting your wedding flowers at an affordable price. From a design perspective, it is so much more enjoyable to choose blooms and textured foliage based on a colour palette. You just never know what you will see until that particular market morning and there are so many amazing surprises when you shop by colour palette.

No. 2 - Understand what your budget is.

There's no point getting quotes off florists if you don't know how much budget you are working with. Let your florist know upfront what the budget is and he /she can toss some ideas around. Work out what your 'must haves' are. Your flowers are going to be in most of the photos that you will look at. Do you want to remember that rambling ceremony arch and ceremony space or would you prefer to remember your reception bridal table and guest tables? Once you know what's important to you, you can scale the floral design to suit your budget.

No. 3 - Choose your florist based on their design aesthetic.

Understand what ticks your boxes. Is it garden inspired, loose and a bit on the wild side? Or is it modern and refined? Is it lots of amazing colour or is it soft and romantic? Not all floral designers are created equal. Look at their portfolio and you should be able to get a feel for consistent good quality design that suits your look. If my style doesn't suit you, odds are, I will know a floral designer who can help you.

No. 4 - Floral packages can save you a bomb.

OK, so I'm going to selfishly plug my little business. I have created an online menu of the most popular items that will save you a ton of time on research. These items represent the best value for money and bang for your buck. So if you've read this far, and you like the look of my designs, I would love to chat further with you.

No. 5 - DIY some or all of the Reception Flowers.

I've worked on a few weddings now, where the bride looks after the reception flowers. They have either bought the flowers from me (so that all of the flowers match) or they have sourced the flowers from the market themselves. Then they grab their besties and family and create the table centrepieces.

Best, Catherine x

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