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1. Unusual Textures
On my recent trip to London, it was so exciting to see that loose, garden style florals are very much on trend. Blousy blooms still feature, but textures are celebrated. On trend in London are dried feathery grasses, which bring an ethereal feeling. In my bouquet below, I have used 4-5 different foliages and textures.The best thing about textures, is that you will find unexpected elements to admire a long time after your wedding day.
2. Fragrance and Scent
Whilst it can be difficult to find fragrance with the abundance of imported roses and chrysanthemums, fragrances from herbs such as rosemary and mint can be incorporated. Other gorgeous cold climate fragrant blooms include sweet pea, stock, hyacinth, freesia and daphne. What are the tones of your favourite perfume - sweet or spicy, citrus or earthy notes? Scent preference is highly personal, ask your wedding florist what materials are available that will enable you to include a scent that like textures, will stay with you after your wedding day.
3. Rich Colours
Choose a colour that you love! Rich colours stand out wonderfully against the traditional ivory and white shades of wedding dresses. Deep burgundy combined with blush and ivory remains a favourite for winter weddings. Our winter coincides with a European summer so we are lucky enough to source these gorgeous burgundy French peonies as seen in my bouquet below.
Here is a link to my Pinterest where I have created boards for different colours. Hope it's useful, let me know how you go.
Best, Catherine x

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