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Flower Delivery Five Dock

About Five Dock

Five Dock is fab. It's like being in an Italian village. Bellissimo! This is an unpretentious corner of Sydney that is filled with Italian delis, cafes and butchers. It's the sort of place you could happily come home to and just chill out, knowing you could count on your neighbours to keep an eye out for you. It's also the sort of place neighbours will swap tomatoes over the back fence. Gotta love that!

The main road has plenty of shops, including a very friendly deli (La Deliziosa). The streets are pleasant. Some are tree lined. There is a combination of Victoria and Edwardian architecture with a sprinkling of smaller apartment blocks. Most houses are very well kept with neat gardens. It's very much family territory, with a good dose of oldies. Because this suburb is close to the harbour, property prices have become quite high in recent years.

Location: Sydney / Inner West
Postcode: 2046
Distance from city centre: 9km

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