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Flower Delivery Summer Hill

About Summer Hill

Once upon a time there were small, basic shops that catered for the working and lower middle classes. A place where mums and dads, kids, and some oldies lived, in a suburb not really considered cool. Then, new people started moving: singles, couples, gays and young families, refugees from the overpriced eastern suburbs. And so the face of Summer Hill began changing. It became kinda funky.

Summer Hill also began attracting people who wanted to live in a place with an unpretentious village atmosphere. New funky cafes and homeware shops opened up to cater for the newcomers. Old shops were taken over and given a new lease on life. 

The houses appealed to the newcomers - Victorian and Federation architecture in tree lined streets. Of course there were a few ugly orange brick 1970’s apartment blocks, but that was OK. The new arrivals had found a great place to spend time, to drink coffee, and live happily ever after.

Location: Sydney / Inner West
Postcode: 2130
Distance from city centre: 8km

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