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Loose, unstructured floral design in a metal compote or urn by Gathered Floral.

Designs are best when they are created spontaneously. It is important for me to create authentic, beautiful, passionate, elegant, intimate and timeless design.

Inspiration can start with a venue, to bring life to a room, to enhance existing architectural details such as a fireplace or window frames. Then I layer in ceiling height, natural light and statement furniture pieces.

I rely heavily on feelings to design. Working with the seasons such as embracing the quiet winter months to warm a room, or entice a sense of cosiness. Creating through emotions results in a completely individual style that is authentic and not easily emulated. How do I want to feel in the space, how can I reflect the mood - gentleness, calm, romance, nurturing and serenity. I think this quiet, organic style is my preferred design style.

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